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Pregnancy YogaAt Bump Stuff, we stock a large range of pregnancy pain products to help you stay fit, healthy and pain-free throughout your pregnancy. We offer competitive prices, Paypal for secure payment and deliver strait to your door Australia wide!!! To recieve the 10% off discount, use the code "closing" when prompted in paypal. 

Bump Stuff's founder and in-house Osteopath, Dr. Alison Gault, describes common muscular and skeletal conditions occurring in pregnancy such as pelvic girdle paincarpel tunnel syndromelow back pain and varicose veins.   Dr. Gault also explains some of the more rare and painful conditions of pregnancy such as  sacroiliac joint instability, abdominis rectus diastasis and diastasis symphysis pubis.  If you are not sure what may be causing your symptoms, this blog article is the best place to start with a list of all the posts written on many of the common medical conditions, aches and pains that can occur in pregnancy . Along with describing the symptoms, causes, treatment and prevention, Alison also suggests which particular products may assist you and why.  

Black maternity compression stockings

The black opaque maternity stockings are this months special at BumpStuff!

In honor of the freezing cold weather down here in Victoria, our special offer for this month is to deliver these great opaque black maternity compression stockings to your door for FREE!!

Maternity compression stockings can help relieve symptoms such as discomfort and swelling caused by conditions such as pregnancy related edema and varicose veins of the pelvis and leg. These high quality Italian made compression stockings have stretchy tummy section to keep you comfortable in all stages of your pregnancy. 


Free delivery of SRC pregnancy compression garments and Recovery Shorts

We are proud to stock the famous SRC compression garments including the recovery shortspregnancy shorts or leggings and sport SRC recovery shortsshorts or leggings.  These high quality garments help with some of the common conditions of pregnancy such as pelvic girdle pain and varicose veins. The recovery shorts aid in recovery from both a natural and C-section delivery

Check out the bump stuff pregnancy blog  for heaps of information on pregnancy aches, pains, medical conditions and options for relief.  The latest article is all about the benefits of exercise in pregnancy
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